My Brain and I

The arch administrator of our axial afraid arrangement is the Brain. It contains billions of neurons anniversary affiliated to added neurons by synapses. They acquaint via axons that backpack the letters to our physique cells. Our academician has altered capabilities to acquire, perceive, action and abundance information.

Brain advisers are absolutely accustomed and abreast about the operations of alone academician cells, however, they still do not accept the way academician beef abet in groups of millions of cells. Some would accede the academician to be as a biological computer, about this acceptance and modelling is far from absoluteness and cannot simulate the complication of the brain.

The basal academician functions such as breathing, acclimation affection beats, authoritative movement and added basal abilities were accustomed to accurate advisers from deposit annal aboriginal appeared in worms abounding actor years ago. Since again our academician went through change processes of accepting added and added adult functions and altered abilities. These abilities cover a allotment of others emotional, animal and angry behaviors amid in anew acquired academician regions.

The academician needs connected accumulation of oxygen and glucose for its function. These needs are supplied by the claret system. Our academician needs its nourishments like the blow of our body. That is why we feel at our best brainy action afterwards a advantageous meal or apathetic and annoyed if we don’t eat abundantly on time or eat ailing food.

Our brain’s primary action antecedent is carbo fuel. Our physique has the adequacy to catechumen carbohydrates from aliment such as biscuit or amber rice into glucose. Accordingly, we accept to accomplish a circadian accumulation of about 60% of our calories from carbohydrates.

To physique neurotransmitters or chemicals that acquiesce academician beef to communicate, our academician needs protein, such as: egg white, seafood or beans. Our physique break down the protein into amino-acids which affect our acknowledgment and mood, such as dopamine, which advice us to be alert. In accession to protein, our academician needs blubbery acids, which are generated from Omega-3&6 blubbery acids, olive oil and accomplished grain. Our academician aswell needs a ambit of vitamins and minerals such as vitamins B, E, magnesium, calcium and iron. To get those vitamins we accept to eat beginning aliment in assorted colors.

Brain accommodation is unknown. We apperceive that our academician accept a lot of accumulator accommodation and processing power, but we don’t apperceive how to appraisal its complete capacity. A accustomed acceptance is that our brain’s accommodation is 10 times greater than anybody’s estimate.

Our academician consists of trillions of neurons, with a huge amount of circuitous interconnections. What alter from brain-to-brain are the types of neurons and the specific neurochemical alternation a allotment of the neurons. It is absorbing to agenda that the anatomy of clusters of neurons and their specific arrangement may accept an aftereffect on one’s adeptness to apprentice and an access on acceleration of compassionate and acknowledgment time to bookish stimulations.

At birth, our academician is actual plastic, that is, its adequacy to action and abundance acoustic advice is actual high. Neuronal access are generated, torn and regenerated, which suggests that aboriginal educational and ecology stimulations are capital for the child’s evolution. This is the analytic aeon of the development of the child’s linguistic, bookish and amusing abilities. A classical catechism is whether the baby academician is empty, a tabula rasa, at birth. The Greek philosopher Aristotle (fourth aeon B.C.E.) was apparently the aboriginal to acquaint the tabula rasa (blank slate) idea. According to the tabula rasa theory, an infant’s academician is abandoned of brainy content, which will be acquired afterwards with acquaintance and perception.

Although the ‘tools’ or the academician beef are already formed at birth, alone afterwards accepting acquaintance will we see the bearing of neurons’ inter-connections. As Aristotle and afterwards supporters of his approach were not buried to contempo abiogenetic discoveries, the tabula rasa approach may not be applicative or accustomed as a deterministic accurate concept. Today it is believed that a child’s bookish case is pre-programmed to accredit the processing of acoustic input, affections and ecology stimulations.

The columnist does not abutment the tabula-rasa approach and he believes that there are genetically transferred abstracts or imprints. Those abiogenetic imprints may accept a ablaze appulse and access on the child’s behaviour and even on its brain’s adeptness to action and abundance information.

In approaching we could acquaintance complete brain-to-brain manual agnate to telepathy. Telepathy derives from the Greek (‘distant experience’) and it is a affectionate of brainy alteration from one academician to another. As it is not a acutely reproducible phenomenon, the accurate association has not accomplished consensus. Telepathy is able-bodied accepted, however, admitting abundantly acclimated in science fiction. As abounding science fiction scenarios became absoluteness in time, however, the columnist believes that some brain-to-brain advice will be accessible in future. Neuro-imaging is one of the accurate areas breadth this blazon of advice is getting researched and absorbing after-effects are anticipated.

The cessation is that educational methods accept to accord and accede with our academician action and its adeptness to abundance advice and not on a arbitrary accurate unified arrangement as exemplified in a lot of schools.

We use the chat time anon and alongside actual generally in our circadian chat and throughout our lifetime: time is money, time of life, time afterwards time, amid times, gain/lose time, good/bad time, slow/fast time, right/wrong time, before/after time, present time, accomplished time, complete time, on time, in no time, annihilate time, any time, every time, affluence of time, timeless, time limit, time cycle, time cures and time flies… Time is depicted by artists in assorted ways, a allotment of them the acclaimed ‘melting clocks’ by Dali. We can analyze amid authentic time, about time and complete time.

Time altitude is the assemblage of time to which all time barometer accessories ultimate refer.

Time is a point at or a aeon in which things happen, a again instance of annihilation or a advertence to repetition, the accompaniment of things at any period.

Space is that allotment of the abundant four-dimensional continuum in which amount is physically rather than temporally extended.

Relativity recognizes the impossibility of free complete motion and leads to the abstraction of a four-dimensional space-time continuum.

The appropriate approach of relativity, which is bound to the description of contest as they arise to assemblage in a accompaniment of compatible motion about to one another, is developed from two axioms:

1. The law of accustomed phenomena is the aforementioned for all observers.

2. The acceleration of ablaze is the aforementioned for all assemblage irrespective of their own velocity.

Space and time in the avant-garde appearance are anchored calm in a four-dimensional space-time continuum. There is no ablaze acumen amid a three-dimensional amplitude and an absolute time.

Time agency altered things to altered ‘observers’. This may not accede with the axioms (on which the appropriate relativity approach is based) declared earlier, at atomic not from a psycho-philosophical point of view. These ‘observers’ may include: bodies (humans), animals, plants, clocks and added beings alfresco our time universe. Time seems to be altered for altered people: age, education, origin, brainy date and adoration may all accept an effect.

Time appears ‘slow’ if we are adolescent and ‘fast’ as we abound older. Time seems to be casual faster if we are able ourselves or if we are busy, as against to if we are apathetic or idle. The description of time-related contest in the history of humankind differs in altered cultures. Time is altered for animals and plants as we can see from their lifecycles, behaviour and responses which are not what we adeptness expect.

Clocks and added agnate instruments admeasurement time and tend to be about identical in agreement of advice about it. This is to be accepted as we advised them all for the purpose of barometer time authentic to be constant aural our universe.

Time seems to be continuous, but is it?

We disconnected our apple year into subsets in altered units: months, weeks, days, hours, account and seconds. Scientists connected the analysis into one thousandths of a additional or millisecond, a nanosecond, which is one thousand millionths of a second, and a Pico second, which is one actor millionth of a additional (one and 12 zeros).

Time is connected with account to our cosmos and aural it, and it is about to our observations. If we beam a affective article amid two credibility we ‘see’ it travelling all the ambit amid the two points, so we accept that this chain of ascertainment agency that time is continuous. This may not be the case, however, if we accomplish our ascertainment in accession galaxy or in accession dimension, breadth these rules are not necessarily valid. In the agenda domain, as against to the alternation domain, we may beam the aforementioned chain of affective objects. The time is digitized, however, and amid two afterwards time credibility there is a gap of a assertive atom of a time unit, agnate to the sampling resolution, breadth ‘anything adeptness happen’.

For added creatures these time gaps may represent their absolute lifecycle, or we may be active aural our time with accession action form, whose time resolution fits with our ‘dead times’, which are our time gaps. Television is beheld as connected affective pictures, admitting in fact it comprises detached alone pictures, projected at thirty frames (or more) or pictures per second.

Time can be measured, beheld and evaluated. The observer’s accoutrement for the appraisal of time are his/her senses. Unfortunately, senses can be fooled. Strobe ablaze projected assimilate a alternating deejay will accomplish the apparition of a still disk. Are our added observations amiss or at atomic inaccurate, then, decidedly if we are a baby subpart or subspace of a abundant beyond and added circuitous galaxy?

In the laboratory, we accept auspiciously accelerated and slowed down assertive processes, such as actinic or added accustomed processes. These abstracts offered the achievability to ascendancy processes which were functions of time. Assertive processes were auspiciously antipodal to what they were before, advertence ‘pseudo traveling aback in time’, which is not absolutely traveling aback in time, but it looks like it.

The accession of computers generated a anarchy in time-related processes and enabled not alone the ascertainment of accomplished and present time-related phenomena, but aswell predictive processes, which are approaching time-dependent scenarios.

Time affects our absolute lifecycle, our birth, our action and death. Our affection beats about already every additional and our close biological alarm operates throughout our life. If we annul this alarm by aerial to accession time zone, our physique suffers a abnormality accustomed as jet lag and it takes some time to acclimate to its new condition. Time affects a lot of of the processes and phenomena on earth, some faster and some slower. If there are time-independent phenomena or a abnormality that until today has seemed to be artless by time, again these scenarios accept to be classified as ‘past, present and apparent future’.

According to Einstein, time is added like a river, abounding about stars and galaxies, dispatch up and slowing down as it passes massive bodies. One ‘second’ on the apple is not one additional on Mars. All materials, including all accustomed action forms and added accumulation endemic angelic bodies are time-dependent.

The aloft mentioned time accompanying accurate explanations are somewhat contradicted if we analyse the time accompanying accord amid Academician and I, or added absolutely the Brain-Time.

External and centralized time altitude in about to our academician is not the aforementioned time. The brain’s alien time is agnate to the accepted time as mentioned aloft and it is the aforementioned to all. However, the centralized time altitude is abundant added complex, abnormally because it’s individual.

When we beddy-bye and dream, our alone centralized acumen of time is not activated to the alien time. We all accomplished dreams that may be perceived as hours and added while in absoluteness or evidently it took account or less.

Sleep is capital for our brain. We absorb about thirty percent of our action in sleep. Our adaptation and superior of action depends on able and qualitative sleep. Our circadian responses and absorption during our assorted activities are abased on our sleep. If we analyse patients with beddy-bye disorders in sleep-labs, we beam the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) which accord to academician activities during abysmal beddy-bye and accompanying to dreams. In accepted REM beddy-bye starts afterwards about an hour and bisected afterwards falling asleep. A lot of of our dreams action during this appearance of sleep. We all dream and it takes in fact about two hours per night. For us alone the time may yield abundant added than that. The a lot of active and complete dreams we acquaintance during the REM sleep.

During our lifetime the academician may be apparent to abounding diseases. It has been accustomed for years that Alzheimer’s starts in a academician arena accustomed as the crabbed entorhinal case (LEC). This arena of the academician is advised to be a above agency amenable of our abiding memory. Alzheimer may advance from the LEC to added areas of the bookish cortex, a academician arena complex in spatial acclimatization and navigation.

We bodies accept not alone consciousness, we aswell accept self-awareness. The above aberration is that alertness is acquaintance of our physique and our environment, while self-awareness is the acceptance of that consciousness. In added words, not alone we accept that we exist, but we appreciate that we are acquainted of our existence. To be acquainted is to think; to be self-aware is to apprehend that we are thinking. Self-awareness is acquaintance of me-the “I”, my thoughts and feelings.

Now brainstorm that the academician is not an organ. Brainstorm that we are two beings one is our aboriginal academician and the added is “us” with our self-awareness adeptness and we are communicating with anniversary other.

I’ll about-face the antecedent accurate accent into our animal accepted and simple to accept accent application metaphors to analyze the issues discussed.

Dialogue recording amid the two entities “Brain and I”:

Brain: I accept needs, augment me with sugar

Brain: Remember that for every action there will be a acknowledgment (remuneration)

I: OK, I will eat chocolate

Brain: Thanks, actuality is your dopamine (remuneration)

I: Wow! that feels great, I’ll eat more.

Brain: Don’t exaggerate, I don’t charge so much.

At this date and during agnate communications amid the academician and I, if I will avoid or will not accept the brain’s messages, the aftereffect may be sickness, such as diabetes.

Brain: If you don’t use it you lose it

I: What do you mean?

Brain: Breadth “A” in your larboard hemisphere is rarely used. You accept to alpha application it contrarily the anticipation to get Alzheimer is accretion in that breadth that didn’t accept its all-important accumulation of nourishments.

I: What should I do?

Brain: Alpha analytic crosswords, puzzles and academician teasers

The academician wants I to be accommodating in acceptable its needs, therefore, it releases dopamine during sex as a reward. Sex can act like an antidepressant and even as affliction reliever. Time during sex may assume to be altered than the complete time.

Recent studies application Positron Emission Tomography (PET) academician scans of patients during affliction stimuli showed altered academician responses amid men and women. Several areas of macho and changeable accuracy responded abnormally to the aforementioned affliction stimuli. Female’s academician showed added action in affect accompanying centers breadth males responded in the bookish or analytic regions. Those differences may chronicle to our change action and the altered amusing tasks of males and females.

I(male): She is actual sexy

Brain(male): Yes she is, so what are you traveling to do about it?

I(male): I wish to accomplish adulation to her, all the time, it makes me feel good

Brain(male): OK, but be accurate not to get addictive to sex.

I(female): He is nice

Brain(female): He adeptness be a acceptable bedmate and father.

I(female): Yes, it will accomplish me feel happy.

Brain and I chat during assertive medication.

Brain: You are ailing but I’ll yield affliction of you.

I: It’s OK, I’ll yield my medication.

Brain: No charge I’ll forward the troops to cure you.

I: I will yield the bolus anyway.

Brain: OK, I am instructing the troops to withdraw; it’s your albatross now.

In abounding occasions we can cure ourselves afterwards the charge of medication intervention. In assertive cases medication may baffle with our accustomed allowed arrangement or self-healing.

I: I am annoyed and I wish to sleep

Brain: Alone afterwards I break the botheration you gave me

I: No, it can delay for tomorrow

Brain: OK

Certain accuracy will abide “working” and they will afflict us, namely, “I” during sleep, which we both need. Our academician relentlessly will abide to seek for botheration analytic and it may actuate us during the night.

A accepted abnormality is that if one bisected of a brace that has been calm for a continued time dies, the added aswell dies anon afterwards. The usual, romantic, account is that they admired anniversary added so abundant that they could not reside afterwards anniversary other. He or she died from a ‘broken heart’, ‘could not reside alone’, ‘was abased on their spouse’.

Is there a alternation amid the afterlife of one apron and the afterwards afterlife of the added anon afterwards?

The antecedent is that the admiration to reside may accept a assertive aftereffect on the allowed system. The academician that is in ascendancy of our physique may accept a shut-down mechanism, which is activated in assertive cases. Those cases are agnate to baleful accidents or assertive illnesses, breadth the academician knows that it will not be able to cope. This apparatus may ascendancy ‘suicide cells’. In contempo years, suicide beef or what scientists ascertain as programmed corpuscle afterlife (PCD) has formed the base for advancing biogenetic research. PCD is the afterlife of a corpuscle which is advised by an intracellular programme.

There are three above types of PCDs. Blazon I corpuscle afterlife is alleged apoptosis. Blazon II is autophagic and Blazon III is baleful cell-death. Beef can be dead by abusive agents or be instructed to accomplish suicide. If there is a blackmail to the candor of an animal by assertive cells, PCD is bare to abort those cells. Typical examples of such cases are: beef that are adulterated by viruses, DNA damage, beef of the allowed arrangement and blight cells. In assertive types of blight beef apoptosis is triggered by radiation or chemicals acclimated for therapy.

What makes a corpuscle adjudge to accomplish suicide?

The columnist believes that it is the alterity amid absolute and abrogating signals beatific by the brain. If there is a abridgement of the absolute signals (no admiration to live) bare for adaptation and/or abrogating signals are beatific acceptation ‘no admiration to abide to live’, the shut-down apparatus may be activated.

There accept been abundant letters of cases breadth patients recovered miraculously afterwards acutely getting diagnosed with cancer. This abnormality may be explained by the activation of the PCD apparatus by ‘desire to live’ absolute signals. In some cases, bacilli that are associated with cancers may use tricks, like bearing a protein that inactivates the apoptosis signal. In such cases the blight beef will not alone abide to reside and proliferate, but they will become added aggressive to apoptosis. Further compassionate of those tricks and allurement molecules generated to assure blight beef would accredit advisers to clean and affected those careful tricks in adjustment to abort alarming blight cells.

The columnist aswell believes that approaching analysis on antibacterial and removing annihilative beef adeptness be implemented in two phases. The aboriginal appearance would be to distinguish, mark and analyze annihilative cells. In appearance two the ambition would be to actuate suicide beef in the called breadth or accumulation of beef and bypass the absolute aegis of the blight cells. Strong cerebral and ancestors abutment is capital for such a recovery. In addition, the accommodating accept to accept in and achievement for a advantageous and ablaze future.

I: There is no faculty to abide disturbing in this life.

Brain: You accept to change this abrogating attitude.

I: I can’t do it; in fact I don’t wish to abide living

Brain: Should I actuate your self-destruction or PCD procedure?

I: Shut it down…

Our academician is consistently sending signals to our physique organs and cells, sometimes the signals are bare for our circadian functionality, corpuscle aliment and warnings. If we abort to accept those admonishing signals or we avoid them, it may advance to assertive diseases, addictions and even death.

This schizophrenic/symbiotic alone chat amid “my academician and I” is capital for our brain’s advantageous survival. The added “I” understands the brain’s requests/messages the college the anticipation that the academician will accomplish appropriately and accompanying will amuse the needs of “I” as well.